• Omgevingmobiel

From our campsite you can go anywhere you like!

A few suggestions:

  • Jotunheimenvegen: The wonderful Jotunheimroad leads you to Jotunheimen. The road itself however is too beautiful just to pass by and is just 'around the corner'. A chance for experience nature by foot or bike.
  • Jotunheimen: 'Home of the giants', as Jotunheimen is called, has the largest concentration of mountains over 2000 meter of Northern Europe and offers you a few of the most spectacular mountainhikes of the European continent. There is almost an overkill of possibilities. From short hikes near a parking spot, up to hikes for several days, from hut to hut or with a tent. 
  • Peer Gyntvegen: The Peer Gyntroad is a touristic road of about 60 kilometer, named after the notorious man from this region, named Peer Gynt. The road is for the largest part 'bomveg' and goes along the villages Skeikampen, Fagerhøy, Gålå, and Fefor. Driving the road you can see wonderful mountainviews and even a glimp of Rondane, Jotunheimen and the Dovrefjell. There is a highly variety in the landscape and you will spot many authentic summerfarms and natural surroundings. The Peer Gyntroad offers a lot of possibilities to hiking, biking and fishing. 
  • Besseggen hike:  The Besseggen is a mountain in the Jotunheimen national park and is famous for it's views from the top of the mountain. You wil have a wonderful view on a green lake as well as a dark blue lake. The spectacular hike between Memurubu and Gjendesheim is unforgettable.
  • Dovrefjell national park: National park Dovrefjell is the only park in Norway and one the few spots on mother earth where you can spot the mighty muskox. From june-september the locals organize guided hikingsafari's.  You will be almost sure to meet these animals. Of course it's possible to do lots of other activities in Dovrefjell national park.
  • Langsua national park: A relatively unkown, small national park, but surely a pearl with fenomenal biodiversity. And it's in our backyard! Good activities are hiking, mountainbiking and cross-country skiing.
  • Huldreheimen: Huldreheimen is a beautiful mountainarea east of Jotunheimen. It is situated between Valdres and Gudbrandsdalen and offers lots of active possibilities. Huldreheimen is also known as Gausdal Vestfjellet and the gateway to Jotunheimen. It is easy accessible from Skåbu Hyttegrend.
  • Lillehammer: The olympic city Lillehammer is a vivid town. The wonderful, small city centre in combination with de big shopping mall makes Lillehammer a great place to go shopping, but a visit to the olympic jumpinstallation is recommendable as well as a visit to the Maihaugen museum.
  • Lom stave church: Lom is a cozy, touristic and sportsminded little town. The beautiful 'stavkirke' is really worth visiting.





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